Plus older age

We’re sorry for the delay to the development of this section and disappointed we’ve not launched it as originally planned. In March we took the decision to switch our focus to provide monthly updates on our homepage about HIV and coronavirus. We also developed and continually updated our coronavirus FAQ resource.

During this challenging period we wanted to provide specific, accurate information about HIV and coronavirus and to support people during the height of the pandemic.

We will focus on our original plan for website content development up to the end of March 2022 and hope to launch the Plus older section by then. This will very much depend on the effect coronavirus has in the UK in the next few months. In the meantime, we’ve put together some links to sources of trusted information which we hope visitors to our website will find helpful.

i-Base HIV & ageing

The well project – HIV long term survivors

NAM aidsmap – HIV and ageing video

NAM aidsmap – HIV and the ageing process

NAM aidsmap – HIV treatment as you get older

NAM aidsmap – Managing multiple medications & drug interactions

NAM aidsmap – HIV and the menopause

NAM aidsmap – HIV and bone health

NAM aidsmap – HIV and frailty

Terrence Higgins Trust - Living with HIV long term