Shortage of Blood Collection Tubes

As reported in the media there is a shortage of blood testing / collection tubes used by the NHS. The British HIV Association (BHIVA) support the move to reduce the number of non-essential blood tests to preserve limited stock as this time. BHIVA have issued interim guidance for the routine monitoring of people living with HIV.

Confirmatory baseline blood testing will continue for people newly diagnosed with HIV. Those who require close monitoring will continue to receive the necessary tests to ensure they remain well. These decisions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Individual clinics and NHS Hospital Trusts will make local decisions about the level of routine blood monitoring they are able to provide.

People who are well, clinically stable, have undetectable viral load and are tolerating their treatment, may not have bloods taken where routine appointments occur in the next few months. Everyone should have their bloods taken once in a 12-month period and not go for longer without annual tests being conducted. Medication will be re-issued without the need for routine blood testing during this period of time.

Changing to a different medication regimen will be avoided where possible unless there is a clinical requirement to do so. If you are due to have bloods taken in the next few weeks, please attend your appointment as normal. If you have any concerns, contact your clinic team.

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